Monochromatic Outfits Decoded: Top Secrets to Nailing the Look

Lazy days, we’ve all had it. These are days when you lack the energy to nail a look that requires a bit of effort. You simply want to get something on and be out the door. On most occasions, black jeans, black tees, a black coat, and black boots always get the job done.

And without realizing it, you're out rocking a monochromatic look.

Well as easy as it may sound, sometimes it gets tricky wearing monochrome especially when you choose to go with bold colors or light neutrals. However, when done correctly, a monochromatic look is simple and clean and just as show-stopping as a patterned dress or any other outfit.

So, let’s have a breakdown of what a monochromatic outfit is and some bomb styling tips.

What is a Monochromatic Outfit?

The word monochromatic breaks down into two, mono which means one or single, and chromatic meaning color. So, a monochromatic is an outfit that contains pieces of one color.

Does this mean when am wearing red, I should wear it from top to bottom?

Well, the joy and fashion sense of a monochromatic outfit comes when you tone it or in simple terms wear different shades and tints of the same color.

For instance, when you take red and start adding white, you will progressively get a lighter shade of red. And when you take red and add black bit by bit, it will give you darker shades of red. Wear the same color but different tints and you've got a monochromatic outfit.

Styling Tips for Monochromatic Outfits

Select the Colour You’re Most Comfortable with

The first step to rocking a monochromatic look is selecting the color you're most comfortable with and one that goes well with your skin tone.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is selecting a color that deepens your mood or does not sit well with your skin tone. Remember, how you look highly dictates your mood for the day. Find a color and outfit that is sure to brighten your mood and boost your level of confidence.

To have an easier time and to ensure you get the right color, choose a color and check its various shades and select the one that sits well with you.

Use Variation in Tones

If you don’t want to be a matchy-matchy babe from top to bottom, then you should think about tonal variation. This is the key to executing a monochromatic look.

A pink monochrome outfit

Playing with the spectrum of the same color but with different harshness helps to create a dimension that makes the same color feel like you're dealing with separates.

For example, your outfit can be a combination of tan, hazelwood, beige, and some bits of macaroon.

Using Contrast

You can use contrast in color which is similar to tonal variation but you can also apply contrast in your fabric.

A grey monochrome outfit

A monochromatic outfit gives you a long line to look at. But, it is also good for the eyes to find a resting point, and adding some bit of texture is the best way to do this. You can try silk and boucle, wool, lace, or cashmere.

The options are endless.

Add a Touch of Pattern

A monochromatic outfit doesn't always have to be based on solid colors. A grey skirt styled with a checked grey shirt is an example of varied separates styled to put together a monochromatic look. However, in this case, you have to know when to stop with the layering.

A patterened Shirt with with grey skirt to achieve a monochromatic look

To sum it up, there are no restrictions to rocking a monochromatic outfit. Your imagination is your limit. But, it is always a good idea to use a color spectrum and to pay attention to your skin tone.

You can create endless possibilities with monochromatic outfits. The choice is yours.

Wear whatever you like!

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