Valentine’s Outfit Ideas for a Date Night that will Impress Your Date

In case you missed the memo, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! And for some of us, it presents us with not just an excuse to shop but the season of love gives us an extra reason to be kind to ourselves and those around us.

Whether you’ve just met and he plans to take you out for dinner in a romantic restaurant at the heart of the city or has been dating for years, it’s always a good idea to look the part. And let’s be honest, choosing an outfit is not always the easiest of tasks.

Besides isn’t it a plus when you wear something that will impress your date?

Whatever you decide on wearing go for it. And if you still do not have an idea on what to wear for your dinner date, we’ve rounded up a couple of outfits that will leave your date speechless.

Satin Slip Maxi Dress

The shape and the delicate satin fabric of our Larique dress will make you glow like never before. This maxi features cami straps and an open back. Plus, you'll be able to re-wear it after V-day by throwing a leather jacket over it with your favorite heels and accessories.

Long Slip dress with cam strips and an open back

A White Flattery Dress

Heading out to a nice dinner especially on Valentines day is one of the most sophisticated and romantic dates you can go. As such, it demands an incredible outfit that equals both style and class. Keep the style elegant, fitted, and comfortable with some touch of personal flair in the form of stylish details. When it come to color, white and black are known for creating great impressions.

Finish the look with heels, a small and sleek clutch, with some light jewelry.

Classy and elegant white dinner dress

African Print Top With Wide Legged Pants

You can always get a good Ankara piece for your dinner date, You sure would look out of the ordinary, sophisticated, and you'll be the center of admiration.

Women's African Print Top, Ankara Tops, Wide Legged Pants

Women's African Print Midi Dress

Women's African Print Midi Dress, Classy Ankara Dress for Women

We've also not forgotten that Christian girl look, an African Print Midi Dress. You will always steal the show with a well designed Ankara midi dress. Its no doubt.

Whichever outfit you pick for your Valentine's dinner date, always remember to hold yourself high. A confident woman will always win the day as she's more attractive.

And in case you're wondering or worried, you can shop for all these looks on

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