How to Dress for Work and Still Remain Stylish During Winter 2022

Ah, Winter. It’s that time of the year when we face plummeting temperatures, strong winds, and daily rain or snow forecast. If you’re like me, I only want to snuggle in bed and hibernate until spring. Unfortunately, I still have to keep the dollars coming as bills need to get paid.

While dressing up on such cold mornings, looking stylish is often not the first thing on your mind. Goal number one is to protect yourself from the cold weather. Keep the heat in and hypothermia out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish with your winter office outfits.

From now until the temperature starts getting higher and spring is on the horizon, you will no longer have to compromise on style or comfort. In this post, I will share some stylish ideas you can wear to work during this chilly winter.

Knit Dress

One of the dresses that never run out of style. For a plain head-to-toe knit dress, layer it with a brooch, statement belt, scarf, and a cute pair of animal print boots. You can complete the look with an overcoat for a more warmth and polished look. The perfect outfit to stay warm in the office while remaining fashionable.

Cape Jacket

Cape coats are the cold weather trend you’ll want to add to your work outfits collection this season. Aside from being damn elegant, these classic coats provide a visual departure from your mundane jackets. They are versatile and can be layered in many ways. The cape jacket is the perfect classic twist on the trench coat.

Long Winter Coats

You can create some of the best warm and stylish winter office looks with long coats. Whatever color, whether brown, black, or camel, a long jacket is a must-have for the winter. Aside, it gives that successful boss lady vibes of power and elegance. For a more chic look during office hours wear your long winter coat over the Tala Irregular Light Coat or you can shop for the Tayari look from Kayammah.



As a corporate professional, a blazer is an ultimate savior during the cold season. You can pair it with trousers, jeans, dresses, pants, and skirts. Use a blazer to achieve that stylish and functional look for the office and while partying with the girls.

Warm and Cozy Sweaters

Probably a sweater is nowhere near your mind when you’re thinking of work wear. But to consider, it makes a good addition for both in and outside the office. Choosing a sweater with good insulating material such as wool will protect your precious body from losing heat to cold weather. You can layer it in many stylish ways to suit your personality.

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