5 Ways to Wear your Crop Top to Work Without Offending HR

Crop tops for the office? Is it even appropriate? Fashion enthusiasts have been posting GRWM videos on Instagram and TikTok, and wearing crop tops to work attracted criticisms, including accusations of unprofessionalism.

It’s no doubt crop tops are a head-turner. And the combination of a crop top and high-waisted pants has become the season’s must-haves. While this great combo makes up for the perfect OOTD, we limit our crop tops to weekends only.

When you work in a corporate job that follows the traditional dress code, wearing a crop top is seen as a violation of the dress code conduct.

And if you’re stubborn, you can always find ways of violating such codes of conduct without it being so obvious.

For crop tops, there are several ways to make it work for the office that even HR will not take note of.

Below, I’ve listed five creative ways to style your crop top appropriately for the office.

Pair it with High-Waisted Pants or Skirts

If you’re conscious of showing your torso, consider wearing your crop top with high-waisted bottoms. It can either be pants or skirts. Crop tops sit nicely by the waistline of high-waisted pants giving both a feminine and stylish vibe that is also appropriate for the office.

It further helps to shape your figure when it clenches at the waist, while the high-waisted pants create the illusion of longer legs and height when worn with heels

Two beautiful African women wearing African Print crop top with high-waisted loose pants fit for the office

Wear A Blazer Over It

When in doubt, add a conservative layer like a blazer over it. A buttoned blazer goes well for your office dressing, and then you can unbutton or ditch it entirely when out of the office.

Layering your crop top with a blazer plus your flowing skirt or pants provides an effortless way to move from day to night.


A monochromatic outfit consists of pieces belonging to the same color. When you mix textures with your monochromatic outfit, visual, depth, interest, and dimension accentuate your look, preventing it from being boring or one-dimensional.

Opting for a monochromatic look is sure to add a modern and professional feel when wearing your crop top to the office.

Boho Casual

When you work in an environment that allows you to express yourself, such as the creative field, going for a matching shirt and skirt/trouser combo in a funky print can work perfectly.

Going for such a combo gives an optical illusion making it look like you’re wearing a crop top that also looks like you could be wearing a dress.

A beautiful black woman wearing wearing an African print crop top with matching shorts

Play with Proportions

Cover your body elsewhere if you want an easy way to disguise a crop top. Think of a cropped tank top but a long-sleeved version of it. Say a cropped blazer or jacket. Even though it may slightly expose your midsection, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing your shoulders and arms are covered.

That said, don’t be afraid to rock that crop top to work. Take some chances. And don’t forget to check our online store @Kayammah to shop for these looks and many more.

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